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Who to pay the freight of auto sliding gate opener sample?
For routine sliding gate opener goods, samples are free but you may bear the state cost. So a state account, for example, DHL or FEDEX is required. We eager for your comprehension that we've got a lot of samples to ship daily. If all of the cargo is borne by us, then the price will be quite significant. To state our sincerity, the cargo of the sample is going to likely be offset when the order is set, which will be equal to free shipping and free delivery.

As a strong and influential company, Fuyang Lushan Machinery Factory has been widely recognized in the field of roller door motors. The gear racks series has become a hot product of LSDD Gate Operators. This product features a robust and firm structure. All its components and even the hardware accessories are securely and tightly fastened. It is able to withstand a variety of working conditions: rain, wind, cold and heat. This product can be still regarded as a new one after frequent washing or drying. People can believe that it will not become fading or dingy. In the event of a power failure, it can be manually opened and closed after the clutch is released.

We enforce the standards in our Supplier Code of Conduct with our manufacturing suppliers and review environmental practices during audits of such suppliers.
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