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When making a purchase that is not common and

by:LSDD     2020-06-04
Important questions need to be asked before purchasing the fence and gate system will save frustration later. If a fence and automatic gate systems has never been in need of purchase before it is important that some guidelines are laid out to help them. Here are some things to think about when the prospect awaits of an automatic gate. 1) How many entrance and exits points are there to the property? This is important because systems can be sold in packages that involve single gates or a pair of gates. 2) Is a swing gate or sliding gate the best option for the property? This will be based upon the length and widths of the driveway and of course the homeowner's personal preference. 3) If a swing gate, is it better to open in or out? Most commonly gates will swing inwards. However, not all driveways work with this option. If a homeowner has an increased slope in the driveway they may only be able to have it swing out. 4) What is the width of the gate and how heavy will it be? This question is more geared when the fence and gate choices have been narrowed down as this deals more with the type of gate operator needed to operate the fence. Gate operator manuals will give you specs on what weight a gate can cope with over the width of the gate. 5) Is there enough room for the installation of the gate and gate operating system? Many of these questions are better suited to be answered by the company that is selling the gate to the homeowner. It is important that adequate space is available for the installation of the post and pivot point in relation to the opener and hinges. 6) How will access be gained through the gate? Will the homeowner want a key pad, a remote controlled system or automatic sensors? This is decided based upon the ease and convenience the gate is to offer for the family. It is also important to decide how visitors are gaining access to the home and how the homeowner wants visitors to be allowed to enter into the space. Installing an automatic gate is a challenge for the average do-it-yourselfer. It is recommended that homeowners seek out a contractor or company that specializes in automatic gates and their installation. They can provide answers and support to the situations facing each homeowner on an individual basis.
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