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When it comes to rolling gates with outstanding designs

by:LSDD     2020-06-03
Kindly explore our wide range of electric gate openers, automatic rolling gates, electric sliding gates, motorized swing gates, as well as other home security systems such as wireless/wired intercom kits and key-fobs etc. Our comprehensive gate solutions include: Rolling Steel Gates Heavy duty steel rolling gate is highly appreciated by customers for its superlative performance, durable service life, high productiveness and eminent finish- a perfect solution for fire door when fitted with automatic opener device. Sectional Roll-Up This style of door is made of multiple sections with a height of 12' or 20' available in array of sectional styles, operational methods, customized sizes in variety of materials and designs to suit your specific need. Slat Doors Especially designed for heavy motorized traffic applications, this offer unique feature. Other options such as cast steel wind-locks and automatic operation can also be added to reduce drive chain hoist, cast steel end-locks and improvise the structure of irregular floors. Manufacturing material options such as steel, masonry, wood with bronze, galvanized, satin white and limestone tan finishes are also available. Counter-Weight Doors A balanced counter-weight door is a perfect choice for residential garage door or store room. The counter-weight motor attached to the door virtually makes it a weightless door; in-short an outstanding statement. With a potential to acquire a wide variety of claddings and glazing patterns ensure excellent design and austere quality control guarantee a long service life. To achieve a perfect counter-weight balance door, Rolling Gate NYC design and manufacture each door using precise mathematical calculations to make sure i.e exact with your safety and appearance. Pilot/Pass Door Pilot door or pass door is an excellent feature in terms of security, as it allows entry/exit to your storage place from the rear door and without opening the main front/main . It is a must to provide fire code exiting or parcel delivery. Rolling Gates NYC makes all types of steel Rolling doors at rock bottom prices and is recognized as a most dependable manufacturer and supplier based in Manhattan.
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