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What's the difference between electric industrial door and electric shutter

by:LSDD     2020-05-14
Actually electric shutter door and electric industry in aspects such as structure, material, use place are very different, both normally cannot replace each other. Today, dimensional tolerance, come and talk to you electric shutter door and electric industry present where the difference between the two? Electric industrial door and electric difference has a lot of, we will focus on from two aspects of product structure and product material which is said the different places. One gate industrial and product structure can be installed along the ceiling, wall track reasonable use a space, make the door a runtime overcomes the shutter can only use the shortcoming of fixed installation space, improve the space utilization within the workshop. Industrial promotion door door body connected by transverse fission folding type, make the door to more easy to repair and replacement. At the same time can also be used to open a small door interlock device, more convenient for people to traffic and make sure the safety of gate operation, fully embodies the channel's convenience, save the energy. Industrial slippery rise door door adopt the bearing type operation, not only overcame the shutter operation the noise big shortcoming, and make the door to run more smoothly. Second, the product material industrial door the door of the double-layer thermal Qin galvanized steel internal polyurethane foam filling, compared with the ordinary shutter can improve the flame retardancy, greatly reduces the cost in comparison with fire shutter. Has increased a lot compared to industrial door motor and motor function, can be an external remote control, radar, such as the circular electric switch, may receive infrared, airbags and other safety protection device.
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