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What are the places you can use to the sliding door motor

by:LSDD     2020-05-12
Sliding door motor is a kind of intelligent control device, ensure smooth operation of the sliding door. It's more common in various places behind doors, divided into two kinds of built-in external, quiet save electricity is one of the main advantages compared to traditional motor, and tear open outfit and convenient maintenance simple, become a large number of users to choose. Article introduces several main use sliding door motor. A, writing building both in and out of the door or the internal office doors of the office, the use of translation machine is very common. Quality is good, service good translation machine with advanced limit work by judgment in and out of traffic and intelligent control the opening and closing of the gate to stop, can effectively protect the safety of in and out of the personnel, avoid people event. It is important to note that it can also through the compatible clock system, convenient company to supervise the staff attendance. Secondly, parking in the parking lot is door machine translation another major use place, especially the outdoor parking lot. Parking garage door motor control, the use of high performance power input technology can make a parking lot gate in the repeatedly opening and closing operation, long service life. As is known to all, the outdoor use for motor temperature tolerance and waterproof puts forward very high requirements, but the industrialized unibody design makes the translation machine can deal with all kinds of weather conditions. Three, village village gate and detached wing doors are installed translation door machine, by extending the entrance guard system, electromagnetic device detector to form a complete village door security system and limit external personnel in and out, safeguard the owner's personal safety. And based on the incident, in the case of power cuts, women and children can single-handedly, opening and closing doors, avoid personnel trapped.
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