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What are the operation of the electric door method industrial building

by:LSDD     2020-05-23
With the development of economy, the modern industrial buildings more and more, with the rapid development of bring industrial door industry. According to the different industrial field environment and industrial users demand difference, industrial door installation operation mode is adopted by the great difference. Beijing d thought he said for industrial buildings resistant here to open the door machine what are the common run way? 1, vertical lift: industrial door through guide let whole body along the track on either side of the vertical run, realize the door open, for the whole body run down to the end, the industrial door was shut down, this is the vertical lift, that industry door commonly called vertical lift door, it is suitable for the workshop space is greater than or equal to the upper part of it was the height of the workshop. 2, promote turning type: when the plant height is lower than it was at the top of the height, the industrial door the door leaf can run through the guide rail vertical after a while, transverse twist again, run along the ceiling, which all keep the door open. Closing, is running along the ceiling first, and then turn down the track vertical, until the door shut down completely. According to this method run run industrial doors, we usually call it a turning door industry upgrading. 3, push-pull type when over the door of the industrial space is not enough to achieve industrial promotion door installation, a new kind of to the left and right sides of the push-pull operation mode was born, it is the industrial sliding door. By using the upper and lower guide rail and transmission system, can let the door completely open, run two doors to around two aspects respectively, two doors closed in fully fit.
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