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The use of the industrial promotion door matters needing attention

by:LSDD     2020-05-22
Improve the door have a role to improve the working environment, the main crack through the whole body and every side highly sealed, reduce energy loss, to achieve the goal of environmental improvement. In addition, through the open window on the door, can increase indoor daylighting. Door on line opened the door, to facilitate pedestrian, and pedestrians and vehicles, safeguard the personal safety. In terms of installation, promote flexible door and installation, can adapt to all kinds of structure of the factory. According to the actual situation of the building site, combined with the owner of space using requirement, improve the door can implement the following installation, the maximum to meet the requirements of the reasonable use a space: 1, the common open on the way to the ceiling openings along the distance is 480 - 1000 was, at the bottom of the lower space between the ceiling and it was at the top of the distance is only 265 mm can choose to ascend the gate 3, higher on the factory need to take full advantage of the ceiling to the raising of truss method along the door can choose this ascension, when the distance between the ventilation is usually applies to the mouth of the cave and no other barriers to the role of the environment. 4, ultra-high building when the distance between the ceiling and it was greater than it was high, the door can be vertical free fall. 5, special Angle, open the door if you need to conform to the special Angle of ascension, we can according to your requirements custom-made. 6, if can't be at the top of the space obstacles have lintel, pipe, line bridge, can bypass these obstacles, to provide you a perfect promotion door solutions.
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