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The three main points needing attention for selecting the door machine

by:LSDD     2020-05-19
Must have a lot of people are aware that there are many kinds of models to open the door machine, any type of flat door opener at the core of the motor, so open a machine quality of motor has played a decisive role. Therefore, selecting and evaluating a door opener from the motor start, the analysis of the dimensional tolerance, in the past 10 years of experience in the choice to open the door machine are summarized three points for attention, hope to be able to help you better choose suits own door machine. The door machine selection considerations a motor horsepower size is also a lot of people have mentioned, function start multiple how wide the door '? Many people have argued that the greater the shape of the door machine so the greater the strength of his power is to start, actually just by appearance to assess the door machine has the power of words is not scientific, because the door mechanical and electrical machine power size is by rotor parameters ( Diameter size and length of the pile of thick) And the motor magnetic tile. Mechanical &electrical machine rotor size d, flat open, and use the rubidium iron boron materials, and other clones on the market of motor rotor size, magnetic tile material is made of cheap ordinary ferrite materials. For rubidium iron boron material flux is 10 times of ferrite material, rubidium iron boron material price is 15 times the price of ferrite, so in some cases a lot of small manufacturer is considering the factors such as production cost, can only at the expense of the quality of flat to open the door of the mechanical and electrical machine, using common ferrite materials. Door machine selection considerations for two motor waterproof properties is known to all the courtyard door and door are belong to the outdoor unit, so when it rains, the waterproof performance of the motor is particularly important, so water proofing property of the motor is determined with outlet and bottom cover sealing ring, open the door machine qualification are fully sealed, and special waterproof processing, bottom cover sealing ring are oil resistant rubber sealing ring, use fixed number of year can reach 30 years, compared with a lot of on the market to open the door machine, many on the market are the indoor machine, and without considering the special situation for outdoor use, so the suggest, when the choice must do more, if is easy to see more seriously, many on the market of motor export lines are open, didn't do any treatment, so completely reach the effect of the seal. Door machine selection considerations for three motor lifespan flat to open the door the service life of mechanical and electrical machine and impact resistant ability, entirely by motor of worm and worm wheel, a shaft sleeve, reducer shell, rotor bearing structure, such as the installation components chosen material and production process decision, Carmen machine adopts wear-resisting formula, rigid good big modulus, tooth width and the overall high-performance materials precision manufacturing. Open the door of the mechanical and electrical machine out of the shaft sleeve using nanometer micropore oil-retaining bearing, the rotor supporting structure for the rolling bearing structure. Some on the market to open the door of the mechanical and electrical machine out of the shaft sleeve with the ordinary brass alternative, rotor supporting structure also USES single rolling bearing + copper sleeve bearing structure, is obviously very reasonable. In order to facilitate more customers to open the door machine has a correct understanding, and engaged in the choice to open the door machine,
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