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by:LSDD     2020-05-29
It just takes a little time for the resident to tighten hardware on the device. The screws, nuts and bolts can vibrate loose as the door opens and closes. If they fall out, panels may separate, jamming on the track or falling and breaking. The time invested in maintenance can ensure the unit lasts much longer. As the door opens, it rides on wheels called rollers. The rollers are about two inches in diameter and set in a track on either side of the unit. The track makes a rounded turn of 90 degrees to provide storage for the open door. These moving parts should be lubricated in the spring and fall of each year to ensure smooth operation. Most of the time, the unit is designed to never need painting. Many higher quality ones are powder coated. However, the door can be painted for better match of the home decor. Use sandpaper to sand lightly for better adhesion of the new coat of paint. Owners should know that once the start to paint a door, the task must be repeated on a regular basis. Many homes have electric door openers. While convenient, the opener also requires maintenance. Chains should be lubricated and the bolts attaching the unit to the ceiling should be checked, Batteries in remotes and keypad access may need to be changed. The safety reflector and beam need to be checked to ensure that the automatic stop and reverse feature is working to protect people from injury. On occasion, the torsion spring that counterbalances the door weight might break. Most will last seven to ten years. Installing a torsion spring can be very dangerous and it is generally recommended that homeowners not attempt this repair for themselves. It is best to call for a professional repair service. With proper maintenance for garage doors Nashville, these units should last many years. A few minutes spent maintaining the door each month ensures that the door will open at the push of a button every time the owner needs access to his or her vehicle.
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