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The electric characteristics and use place outside window sunshade shade

by:LSDD     2020-05-19
In our daily life, there are enough sunshine and comfort has a great influence on our health, but now the use of large area glass curtain wall of architecture, and makes the strong sunlight through reflection, seriously affect the normal line of sight of people. Outside the window sunshade shade can keep out 60% 90% of the sunlight, and the reflected light will not stimulate people's eyes, suitable for use in private homes, offices, factories, hotels and other places. Outside the window sunshade shade is very popular in Europe and America countries, domestic also gradually appears in the building, sought after by the people, because outside sunshade shutter window in addition to the shade has the following advantages, we take the dimension tolerance of products, for example: 1, can choose different according to different requirements of the slice; Have drafty permeability is good, also have shade and privacy better; 2, according to different structure, choose a different installation way, save space; 3, environmental protection and energy saving effect is good; 4, is a beautiful and protective device; 5, using closed completely, installed on the window outside the window shutter can greatly improve the sound insulation effect of the window; 6, the highly effective energy conservation: shutter doors and Windows of sun block can reach 90%, block of room temperature radiation can reach 70%, can save about 40% for the building energy loss; 7, running noise, and the overall surface effect is simple, high-grade; 8, surface electrostatic spraying, strong anticorrosion performance, colleagues, anti-aging, anti rain, not afraid of the sun; 9, fast heat conduction heat dissipation: hollow design not only greatly reduce the heat conduction, and effectively reduce the acoustic resonance, suitable for hot summer and warm winter and some noise pollution area 10, matching motor electric remote control to open, close the shutter window, let the life more convenient.
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