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The current situation of the development of automatic door machine

by:LSDD     2020-05-10
More than 1, manufacturer, small scale in the past five or six years, automatic door machine to get fast development in China. According to incomplete statistics, the current domestic production of automatic door vendors would generally small scale of production, independent research and development ability is poor. The new product development ability and quality stability, also do not have and imported product competitive power. 2, specialization trends emerge early manufacturers, are generally independent research and development and production. Nearly two years, a special manufacturer of main components, such as motor, main control board, remote transmission parts, plastic parts, etc. It is a trend to lower the threshold of the production, into the factory to further increase, leading to more competitive. 3, high and low level of market. Imported products with quality and brand advantages, occupy the high-end market, the current domestic manufacturer of products basically also possess the function of sound, but the production process a bit rough, uneven quality, overall quality is low, mainly concentrated in the low-end market. 4 lead to the market characteristics, product homogeneity and thin margins serious product homogeneity, combined with the automatic door products are often the developers rather than the end user in choosing a product, so the price factor accounted for the proportion of larger, intensified market competition. As a result, many manufacturers compete price blindly, lead to thin margins. At the same time, because the price is too low, also make the product of continuous improvement and development is restricted. So can't end assembly time, let the automatic door machine all fittings are provided by a supplier? Servo system, servo system, the world's leading the excellent system control software, European standard meet barriers protection program, intelligent precise; Fast and elegant running state; Safety light curtain: security from head to toe, safer, more comfortable; Mute device - — Double track: the mute guide rail, high wear resistance, low noise, give you a comfortable and quiet environment space; Hollow glass, hollow glass, the broken bridge insulation, make indoor noise is reduced to 35 db, triple insulation effect; Electromagnetic compatibility ( EMC) Technology: meet the international standards of the European Union, as the international first-class products, excellent quality more advanced; Automatic door networked control: remote doors, remote diagnosis, software upgrades, etc; Advanced microwave radar sensor: high sensitive sensors, get out of the way is closed action quickly to implement, particularly in the stream of places without waiting for, fast smooth; Fast stable -- — Copper brushless motor, the highest running speed can reach 700 mm/s, control is put eu standards, is the domestic standard 1. Five times, open the door quickly stable and beautiful run smooth. Fire alarm linkage: when a fire occurs, the system will automatically shut down fire fire door, open the exit gate; When theft alarm, can through the remote and user machine, direct temporary door closed to traffic, provide timely, clear and effective security. The standby power supply ( UPS) : can be external or internal battery, battery charging and discharging, automatic management for power use; Automatic tension wheel ( Sliding door) : self maintenance, maintenance free, free after-sales, make the user experience process more worry, time and energy, perfect experience the excellent properties of the product; Product integration design, free maintenance, zero maintenance, real quality assurance; All accessories one-stop installed, to ensure the quality of compatibility and, without the field wiring.
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