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The comfort zone which a garage door opener remote

by:LSDD     2020-06-03
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to open your garage door or close your garage door from within your cars? Not that you would reach your garage door and press the button from the original remote control to open your door, it about equipping your car with garage door opening programs. Basically, Home Link systems are the major provider of this facility. The process is simple enough and would keep your original remote control secure. Firstly, turn on your car or any other vehicle you have and keep it in its accessory position not ignition. Now you are to adjust your garage door remote control in a posture that it points towards the Home Link Panel in your car. You will have to get your vehicle equipped with it beforehand. Locate the programming button on the Home Link panel. Press this button along with the programming button on your actual remote control, till the time the light on the logo of the company starts blinking fast- previously it would be blinking but very slowly. Once this change happens, you are to leave the buttons on both the Home Link panel as well as the remote control. Now you are press the same button. As it is programmed now, it should open your garage door. If it does, hurray you are done! But if doesn't, then probably some more things are to be done, before this Home Link panel functions properly. You would require some rolling code programming to make this successful. Go to the side of your garage door motor. You might see a plastic panel or covering there. You would have to remove it so that you can access the learning button. Now, press this button on the side of the motor. Rush back to your vehicle- remember your vehicle is not turned off or in ignition position; it is in the ACC position. Try getting back within the next half minute. Now, press the programmed button on your Home Link panel for around less than three seconds. If your garage door opened, this means your programming is complete and now you are done with it. But if doesn't, then you need to do a little more effort. Go back to your learning button and erase all the codes you programmed earlier. The process of doing this is very simple. You are to hold down the learning button for minimum of ten seconds. This process would clear the memory of your garage door motor. Now you are to repeat this rolling code programming. Again press the learning button, return to your car and hold down your Home Link panel's designated button. This would teach the codes to your learning buttons and hopefully this time you would be successful!
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