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The classification and function of the folding door

by:LSDD     2020-05-22
The gate to open the door machine according to the folding door operation mode classification, can be roughly divided into two types: single fold door open the door machine and trackless fold door open; And classified according to the structure design, can be roughly divided into: single series folding door open the door machine series folding door to open the door and integration; From the current can be divided into: communication folding door open the door machine and dc folding door to open the door. Compared with other types of open the door machine, folding door to open the door machine application is more targeted, it is mainly applied in electric folding door, can realize full automatic folding door. Its features include: 1, line control or full remote control door open, closed, stop; 2, open and close the door when starting with soft start; 3, intelligent limit function; 4, automatic or manual clutch, open the clutch can manually push door ( Used to case of power or special circumstances) , has implemented the function of automatic clutch, power failure, clutch automatically open; 5, automatic heating in low temperature, the ambient temperature is lower than 40 degrees below zero, still can normal use; 6, cooling device, when the environment temperature is too high, the convulsions system, speed up the cooling of the motor, to adapt to frequent use; 7, the total run time protection function; 8, infrared touch function; 9, infrared anti climb device interface; 10, thermal protection, prolong the service life of the door machine.
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