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scientist gives advice on how to avoid mobile phone health dangers

by:LSDD     2020-01-07
How unhealthy is the use of mobile phones?
A leading scientist studied the study and made some suggestions on how to avoid risks.
Devra Davis is a visiting researcher at Harvard University, the founding director of the toxicology committee of the National Academy of Sciences, and author of the book disconnect: The Truth of cell phone radiation.
\"The bottom line is that most people don\'t appreciate two phones.
The microwave radio way, the distance of the signal in the head of the child is twice that of the adult, research shows that,
\"Heavy use increases the risk of brain cancer,\" she said . \".
\"Brain cancer is not all,\" Dr. Davis added, highlighting the work of Sir John Aitken, an Australian male health researcher, who found that radiation from his cell phone can damage healthy sperm, noting that, the work was repeated around the world and was not refuted by other studies.
Dr. Davis reported that brain cancer did not appear after
The Japanese war until about 40 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed, but he noted, \"Unfortunately, two of your top neurosurgeons, dr. Vini Khurana and Dr. Charlie Teo have released a report stating that they believe we have seen the tip of the iceberg because young people have shown a higher incidence of brain cancer than in the past.
\"Recently, the leaders of the WHO mobile phone radiation Research issued a call for preventive measures,\" she added . \".
But what kind of precautions can you take?
\"If you look at the fine print with your mobile phone and it says don\'t catch the body and keep it one inch away ,[and]
If you put it in your pocket [it]
\"Exposure Guidelines can be exceeded,\" Dr. Davis reported . \".
\"No one reads these warnings and most put their phones in their ears and pockets.
\"Children are especially dangerous because their skulls are thinner and their brains contain more liquid and they will live longer in order to absorb more [radiation]as well.
Dr. Davis suggested: \"Therefore,\" Children should not use mobile phones at all. He pointed out that the minimum age for children recommended in France is 12 years and that children are advised in Britain to be at least 16 years old.
As for the wireless Internet, she said, \"you want to keep a distance from the origin of Wireless, which means that there is no router in your bedroom, which may be a good idea if you can turn things off.
\"Of course, there is usually no Internet router next to your head, and you will not keep other microwave devices, such as the garage door opener.
So, what is Dr. Davis\'s technique of using our phones?
\"Texting is better than talking, and young women shouldn\'t put their phones in their bras,\" she suggested. . . use a headset [or]
Speaker phone, do not put the phone directly on your body.
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