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Remote control sliding door motor should be how to choose

by:LSDD     2020-05-16
Electric sliding door is also called the electric sliding door, for villa door, no matter what kind of material door as long as to achieve automatic open, you must install the sliding door to open the door motor. Sliding door motor should be how to choose? 1, according to body weight selection door opener: no matter what kind of material door in production drawings confirmed according to the proportion of material to calculate the weight of the door, usually at the door motor bearing are marked the weight parameter, make sure the parameters of the motor load weight is more than more than 20% of body weight, such as: motor, 500 kg of body choose 600 kilograms to offset the hydrodynamic coefficient of friction, avoid a small cart, reduce the service life of the motor. 2, according to using frequency selection to open the door machine: open closed more than 150 times a day more than matching dc motor, support frequent open. The rebound blocked, often can be equipped with battery power place. Switch is 150 times the following advice matching ac motor, power is strong, adapt to the heavy door, cheaper prices, motor overheating protection function, no rebound blocked.
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