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Open the door the main function of the machine, open the door to buy machine

by:LSDD     2020-05-12
1, easy to use features from BlueBUS system: resistance's BlueBUS technology, can control up to 15 control device, connecting the infrared correlation only 2 wires, can connect two flash. 2, advanced: starting fast, can be adjusted by the power and the pause time. 3, temperature sensors, according to the weather condition to adjust motor power, at the same time realize the overheating protection and self-diagnosis. 4, choice of master-slave function: the way to realize the double sliding door is split. 5, smart: thanks to automatically set obstacle detection system and the work time, through the flash to realize self-diagnosis, 8 programming. 6, practical: built-in controller, just a simple joint connection, placed directly on the motor. 7, safety: open shut down the start and end of a deceleration is adjustable. 8, quiet: gear motor with bearings. Beijing dimension tolerance not only in the motor industry, its products include: automatic door ( Automatically open the door, automatic garage door, industrial door, all kinds of high-grade door, armored door, and various special door, etc. ) ; The automatic window ( Electric window casement Windows, electric pan, electric sunroof, electric shutter, fire smoke exhaust Windows, etc. ) ; Electric curtains ( Opening and closing electric curtain, electric shutter, electric ceiling curtain, electric roller shutter shade) 。
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