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Open the door machine what types of species? What is fit for use in the body?

by:LSDD     2020-05-14
Crank arm type door machine, the pillars of the crank arm suitable for use in a wide, automatic controller and built-in limit switch, symmetry, compact design, power when the manual release wide-body post mounting bracket, no maintenance, rotating distance can reach 30 cm buried the door machine, or hidden door machine, the body buried in the ground. This is the most significant characteristics of buried the door machine. Translation machine with ac and dc two kinds big. Translation machine beautiful shape, large starting torque, stable operation and reliable low pressure operation, the 180 v can work normally set inside the motor overload protector has fast clutch, make sure not to burn winding the machine running smoothly, without downtime inertia, limit accurately. Translation machine motor with fast clutch, power failure with random dedicated the clutch handle ( Clockwise 100 & deg; ) Can human drive door. Folding door motor, especially suitable for large guide on folding door. For automatic door control twenty percent, just fixed on one of them, a folding door machine can control twenty percent of the door switch. Electric folding door machine, door machine schedule, big thrust, unrestricted movement is smooth, the advantages of easy installation. Suitable for all kinds of warehouse, workshop, even row of stores such as folding doors open and close automatically. Pedestrian tunnel door machine, elaborate design. Double doors to open remote control automatic switch. Has been widely used in all kinds of high-grade residential, community, government agencies, schools, etc. The automatic door machine is one of the most perfect product, less noise, torque, stable operation, use safety, installation is very simple.
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