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August 27, 2005-
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Host gerri willis: this is our jobit-
You\'re special.
We will show you how to save some money.
Announcer: Today on the open day, do it yourself.
This man did it.
He compromised with buyers without paying real estate commissions.
We will show you the unusual secrets of his success.
Also, keep your home safe from accidents and thieves.
We have fast and affordable solutions.
And our weekend project creates convenience in your own backyard.
We\'ll see what you need to build the perfect outdoor kitchen at the next open house.
Willis: Hello, welcome to our office. it-
CNN special show on open day
I\'m Gerry Willis.
Math is easy.
If you sell your house and avoid paying the agent\'s commission, you will keep more money for yourself.
But how do you attract buyers?
We met someone who found a unique solution. (Start Video)
Unidentified men: the next step is that they came in and were welcomed by the mortgage broker. WILLIS (voice-over)
: Larry Kagan is very similar to other sellers.
He wants to get the most out of his house, does not want to share profits with realtors, and wants it to sell fast.
But unlike many other sellers, he found the idea in the bookstore and fulfilled his wishes.
Housewife Larry Kagan: Well, I\'m in Bano and noble, I\'m hanging out with my wife, drinking coffee, we flip books, we find a book, it\'s called How to sell your house in five days.
\"Willis: The book and its companion website guide the reader through the process of selling the house at auction.
George capney5-DAYSALE.
COM: You can read it in about two and a half hours, if you buy it on Friday, you can sell your house effectively next weekend if you want.
Willis: It took a week for Kagan to prepare for the auction for about $2,500.
He staged his home like you did to any open house and created an 18-
He had brochures for potential buyers on his computer, advertised in local newspapers and the Internet, and posted slogans in town.
He then started bidding for less than $200,000.
Kagan: I chose a low number of attraction activities because I wanted activities.
And, you know, so someone really has a chance to buy this apartment for less than the market value.
The market will ultimately determine the final price.
Willis: He asked people to enter his home from the first thing on Saturday morning to 5: 00. m. Sunday.
Throughout the weekend, potential buyers visited the apartment and bid in writing, as can be seen by other bidders.
To speed up the process, he had a mortgage broker on hand but could not see the realtor.
Kagan promised to call all bidders after 8: 00 on Sunday night to keep them up to date.
Kagan: Initially, there were 74 bids on my bid list.
So in the first round, I\'ll call 74 people and I\'ll tell them something like this, Hi, this is Larry, a call from the apartment in Plainview.
The current high bid is $351,500.
In order to move forward in the next round, you have to raise your bid by at least $500.
Where do you want me to put your bid?
Willis: round
Robin\'s auction took eight rounds, 100 calls, and it was done in a few hours.
The bid was $366,000, $166,000 higher than the original bid.
Kagan: I chose to sell my house this way because it was a win-win situationwin.
It was a victory for the buyer and a victory for the seller.
You know, basically what we\'re doing here is that I can\'t pay any brokerage commission and I can\'t pay the broker\'s fees.
No broker involved.
So I can accept the lower price.
But brokers usually bring potential buyers.
This means that auctions like Kagan are only for those who are savvy.
CAPPONY: learn how traffic flow is going to be, understand the different forms of marketing you have to do in order to bring people into your home, and then try to effectively understand how the bidding process works.
Willis: It all makes sense to Kagan.
Kagan: I sold the apartment in two days. I sold it --
I showed it on Saturday.
I showed it on Sunday and sold it to the highest bidder on Sunday night.
This is the biggest benefit for me. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Willis: fast now.
Tell us more about selling your house on your own here.
He\'s Ford\'s chief operating officer. com.
Corby, nice to meet you.
Thank you for inviting me.
Willis: So it sounds too fast to auction the house this time.
But is it practical?
I think so--
No, while I should say we don\'t offer options, I do know that it has been a big pillar of the real estate industry for years.
I\'m just interesting to know that there are a lot of people who have successfully used this method.
So I think the answer is yes.
Willis: Well, it sounds like a good idea.
However, whether you are an auction or a more traditional way, what are the advantages of selling alone?
SAMBRATTO: I think the vast majority of people will tell you the reason why they are leaving the more traditional route, which is a route with agents, because it involves huge cost savings.
Willis: Let\'s talk about this.
How much did you save?
I think--
OK, if you talk about the average commission charged by agents in this country, between 5 and 6%.
But, you know, if you say-
Keep the math simple, 6%, you sell a house for $200,000, which is obviously $12,000 and you will pay that agent at the close.
So for most Americans, this is quite a savings.
What we have heard over and over again is that people are looking for an alternative way to sell a house because there is a lot of money saved.
You know, they can use that money for their children\'s education or their own retirement.
It sounds like a good idea.
However, you say people underestimate the amount of work it needs.
Specifically, what did they miss?
I think they underestimated a lot of things.
I think they underestimated the importance of doing proper research and taking the time to price the house, and I think they underestimated the effort that was going to be made ---
This may require spreading the web as widely as possible in your marketing efforts.
These are the two stumbling blocks that we often see.
Willis: You \'ve talked a lot about how difficult marketing is.
When you sell your house yourself, what is the best way to advertise your house?
Obviously, we are people of Internet companies.
You know, 75% of people in this country start their search online.
So it really changed the way the internet was. -
Or real estate is bought and sold.
Obviously, we think you have to use the Internet.
But beyond that, in some areas, in some places, you can of course combine classified advertising with it, if you know there is a paper with a particularly strong classified advertising section.
Willis: But there are a lot of ways to do this when you talk about surfing the Internet.
You know, you can go to some local realtor\'s website and you can do it on one of the Fisbo (ph)sites.
What should you do?
You should create--
The grounds of your own house?
That\'s possible, you know.
I think if you\'re one of those people who are very Net --
Savvy people think that they can go out and do keyword ads and do proper marketing efforts on the Internet, then that may be something you can pursue.
I think it would be easier and probably more realistic for most people to involve those professionals who do this every day.
But you\'re right. now consumers can buy a variety of models, most of them around the Internet, from good to old
Traditional Realtors all the way to ForSaleByOwner and everything in the middle.
Willis: Now, I think you should talk about a shortcut to your site.
Milo Shevchenko\'s listing is the biggest tool for marketing and the one used by most real estate agents.
But you can get people to see a list on Milo Shevchenko. Right, Colby?
It is very popular on our website.
Now, it\'s clear that our core competencies are selling directly-by-owner listings.
But we have 15% of our users who accept what we call the Milo Shevchenko package, which allows sellers to put their house in their local Milo Shevchenko, and sell their houses to buyers represented by realtors and these Realtors.
In the meantime, they sold their house to ForSaleByOwner. com.
If it is sold through ForSaleByOwner, you pay a zero rate Commission.
If it is sold through Milo Shevchenko, you pay between 2 points.
5% and 3%.
So you cut the traditional commission by half.
Willis: to find a qualified buyer, what is the best way to do it if you sell it yourself?
You know, I-
You should find a company that provides you with this service.
I think it can be very tricky for an average consumer to collect a Social Security number and do a credit check and determine if the person has the ability to buy a house.
It\'s usually a good idea to send them to a mortgage broker to get them pre-qualified, or better, a pre-approved mortgage is roughly within your asking price, which is a good idea, you can see if they are a serious buyer.
Willis: Great advice from Colby Sambratto.
His website is ForSaleByOwner. com.
Our open day is coming. it-
You are special and make your home safer from accidents and thieves.
Then our project on the weekend.
Create your own outdoor kitchen.
But first of all, your day. (
Start Video Editing)
Announcer: you can do a lot of home improvement projects yourself, but you should draw a line on electricity.
Electrical work is one of the most dangerous jobs for homeowners.
Experts advise you to hire a professional electrician, even for the simplest work, such as installing a light fixture.
But if you insist on doing it yourself, remember to turn the power off forever.
This means the power-down service box, turn off the circuit-breaker.
In this way, there is no risk of contact with any live wire.
This is the secret of your day. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Willis: Welcome back to open houseit-
You\'re special.
There is no doubt that you will pay close attention to your children.
But the truth is that accidents often happen in your own home.
But there are things you can do to reduce risk. J. J.
Ramberg recently met with Meri-of the Family Safety Council-
K Appy for some insights. (Start Video)MERI-
K. APPY, chairman of the Family Safety Committee: in the whole family, there are about 2 people per year on average.
3 million were exposed to poisoning, more than half of children under the age of 6. J. J.
Ramberg, CNN correspondent (voice-over): Well. . .
Appi: One thing we realize is that a lot of the products in our home may look-a-like poisons.
This is a cleaning product that you don\'t want your child to drink and looks a lot like what you might want your child to drink.
So parents need to look around their home and collect anything on the label that says \"warning\", \"warning\" or \"dangerous.
\"If you see these words, it means that you should lock these things where the children can\'t see them.
Ramberg: Let\'s go on to the rest of the kitchen because you have this masking tape here and I want you to explain what this is.
I created a kid-free zone.
Children are very intuitive.
When we teach them to stay away from the heat source, it helps to put a mark on the floor.
We just used masking tape.
But you want your child to stay as far away from the stove as possible.
RAMBERG: how many rooms in each room need a fire alarm?
Appi: Well, the new suggestion is to have at least one on each floor and in each bedroom.
And the new federal research, that\'s--
Let you stop and think.
From the first fire to the Roar, it takes only three minutes when everything is on fire.
Appi: So you have to know that you have a fire, which means working a smoke alarm.
Falls are actually the main cause of family injuriesrelated death.
There is a railing in this case. That\'s a plus.
But I would really like to see the railings on both sides of the stairs extend the length of the whole staircase.
The railing I\'m talking about is a kind of functional railing, round, you can grab it.
We got to the second floor and we had a bunch of new problems, right?
APPY: We do.
Windows happen to be one of the areas that people should focus on, especially if they have kids, babies and toddlers.
Appi: One thing is that if you have screens that are not strong enough to keep your kids in there, so you need a window guard or a window to stop.
This may be a mistake made by many people.
They think the screen is enough.
APPY: screens help prevent bugs, but they don\'t protect your children.
Ram Berg: I would like to ask about the fire ladder.
Application: it\'s important to have them and it\'s easy, but you have to know what you\'re doing.
Keep in mind that we may have three minutes to get out of the fire and sleep soundly.
You don\'t want to waste it on reading the instructions.
So do it in advance and practice putting it on your window.
One thing you want to make sure is that your ladder is suitable for the windowsill you plan to use. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Willis: You also want to protect your family and your home from thieves.
So, I met with Tom krauller of the money pit radio program for some useful advice. (Start Video)
Nice to meet you, Tom.
Host Tom crotler money pit: Great to see you too.
Willis: Let\'s talk about this because it\'s very simple.
You said something easy to do.
Crawford: Sure.
Here\'s a landscaping trick for deals you can complete in a week that will keep the scammers away.
Do you want to see it?
Willis: What\'s special about this?
I saw the bushes.
These are the Barberri shrubs.
They are bushes with thorns.
There is a trend. . .
KRAEUTLER: . . . trying to --
Yeah, they found you, right? They got you.
You want to try to put the bushes around your house and keep the scammers away from you.
They don\'t want to spend a lot of time with a big, tricky babry Bush.
This will be 4 feet high.
KRAEUTLER: It\'s a good thing to surround the windows, especially the ones that are hard to protect.
Well, Tom, you said it was a weak link in the house.
KRAEUTLER: There are many reasons, of course.
First of all, you have these big cloves that provide a lot of cover for the job of thieves.
The second is the basement window. It\'s single-
Glass and glass, it\'s easy to break in the door.
What are you doing?
KRAEUTLER: Well, there are a few things.
I suggest you put an alarm clock on that window and maybe some safe bars.
Willis: is that dangerous?
This is a good point of view.
They can be dangerous if the safety bar is not the right one.
You need to make sure they can be opened from the inside but not from the outside, so you can go out if there is a fire.
Willis: Okay.
Okay, let\'s take a look at your next location.
KRAEUTLER: It\'s always a good idea to unplug your garage door opener when you\'re on vacation.
Sometimes someone else\'s remote can open the garage door.
Thieves may drive back and forth on the street trying to use the remote to see if your door is open.
It is impossible to open the door opener if it is unplugged, and your house will be safe.
Here\'s a little trick that takes about a quarter.
If you leave, take a bolt and put it on your garage door track and put it there and hang it a little loosely.
In this way, if someone tries to open the door, the wheel on the garage door will interfere with the latch and they will not be able to open the door.
Willis: you have this lock box installed, Tom, because, let\'s face it, no one has put the key under the mat anymore.
KRAEUTLER: Well, I bet there are some people who will do that, but it\'s definitely a better option.
This lock box allows you to basically lock the key and door key inside.
Willis: Yes, but can\'t the thief tear this off?
KRAEUTLER: of course, thieves can.
But you know what?
When your key is locked in this thing, it is impossible for the thief to open that box and get your key.
Willis: a lot of solutions can be very expensive when you get to work on these issues.
What about cheap solutions?
KRAEUTLER: There are a few things here that just need a piece of wood.
You measure your window from the top of the belt to the upper part of the window.
Cut the wood in and put it in.
Just slide it up and stick it in place.
This will actually ensure the security of the window.
Better than window lock.
No one can open it. Try it.
Willis: not even me. Ah! (END VIDEOTAPE)
Willis: You can also do something yourself to protect your family.
Check your insurance policy at least once a year.
Make sure your big losses are compensated.
Ticket Items You recently purchased.
Make sure that your policy includes any renovations you may make to your home.
You can get insurance from insurance companies for theft, fire and even most of the weather, but you can only get flood insurance through the federal government.
Our actions are coming. it-
The outdoor kitchen is special.
You may need a professional to help you with your installation, but we will show you how to start the installation process yourself.
First of all, a snapshot of your mortgage. (
Business break)(Start Video)
Welcome back to open day.
There\'s nothing better in summer than lighting up the backyard grill.
If you have always wanted an outdoor kitchen, we will offer you a variety of budget options.
So if you want a great outdoor kitchen you need four things-
Grill, separate side burner, refrigerator and sink.
We have one here.
Lisa Davenport, home gallery of Lisa Davenport: It\'s not just a sink.
We have a full beverage center here.
What is the price of this?
Davenport: about $2,000.
Willis: So, is there any other option if my goal is to get the kids through college instead of paying that much for the sink?
Davenport: there are some great options.
OCI has a beautiful sink.
It\'s much bigger.
Then, in my opinion, the best one on the market right now is Cal Flame.
Why do you like that?
Davenport: 14 by 14, so the size is good.
But most importantly, it\'s only $150. WILLIS: (INAUDIBLE)
Great. $150.
Much better than $2,000.
Davenport: That\'s right.
Willis: OK, let\'s take a look at the next product.
Okay, here\'s your fridge.
There is a lot of space there.
Davenport: There\'s a lot of space here.
I love the Viking fridge here and you can choose which side of the hinge you want.
Willis: What other options do I have?
Davenport: you have Summit, which is very close at the price point.
This is about $2,000, and the summit is about $1,700.
But there is no choice for your hinge.
Give you everything else.
It is still wrapped in stainless steel.
It still does not penetrate the elements.
But it\'s only one-year warranty.
This is a five-year warranty.
Willis: OK, we have side burner.
Obviously you need a side burner if you want a corn cob.
The idea now, of course, is to separate it from the grill.
Davenport: Another great thing is that it\'s a double burner, not a burner.
You have a lid for storage.
When you are not here in December, you will have a cover on it.
You have about 15,000 BTUs from these burners.
Willis: It\'s a lot of power.
Davenport: It\'s a great power.
Willis: Now, how much does this cost?
Davenport: this is about $900.
Willis: What should I do if I want to spend less?
Davenport: There are several different products on the market.
The DFC has introduced a beautiful burner for about $400.
So yeah you don\'t really get the cost
You can use two effects.
Then Webber put one.
Weber\'s is not stainless steel, it is a separate burner, but its purpose is to serve.
Willis: I \'ve been waiting for the grill.
Yes, grill.
Willis: Obviously, that\'s the core of everything.
You want to make sure the grill is correct.
This is a very high
There is a lot of cooking space.
Really attractive.
How much does this Viking pirate cost?
Davenport: this is about $4,000.
Wow, $4,000.
Yes. . . WILLIS: (INAUDIBLE). . .
A lot of fancy things.
Willis: talk about those fancy things.
You put steak on it.
As the fat drops, it starts to smoke again.
Now you can feel the smoke and the smell of the smoked steak.
Willis: What else can I do?
Davenport: Kenmore Elite is very, very similar in size and has about the same BTUs.
It also needs insulation.
When your cabinet revolves around your grill, it is clear that we know how hot the grill is and we need to make sure that we have insulated the cabinet.
Willis: How much is Kenmore? it\'s me--
Davenport: $17.
Weber has launched a grill with a professional stainless steel look, though it\'s not a drop --in.
So it\'s on the bracket with stainless steel doors inside.
Willis: so it will take it out of your kitchen.
Davenport: of course.
But for $700, you might want to put it aside.
Thank you for being with us, Lisa.
Davenport: Thank you.
Willis: Obviously, you can spend whatever you want in the outdoor kitchen.
But basically, you have to have $3,500 to start.
We will be back soon. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Willis: it will be at the Open next week, and the storm season will reach its climax.
We will show you how to protect yourself.
Thanks for watching our show. it-
Your own house is especially open here.
We will see you next Saturday.
Have a good weekend.
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