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Open electric machine and electric door machine between different

by:LSDD     2020-05-22
About electric door machine you may have seen such a case, it is identical in the two electric door machine, why the price has been quite large, is this why? Actually identical between electric door machine not only has the internal structure of the door core is different, in the process of production process there are also a significant difference, let's take a look at what those factors! 1. Materials and process; Electric door machine profiles with aluminum and stainless steel, both natural has the very big difference, different material and its production process are all have different effects on prices. 2. The hydrodynamic structure; That to a certain extent the product details have to set the price difference, the door though in appearance, but the internal structure of the body difference, and external paint choose can make intelligent door machine have made a bigger difference in quality. 3. The store consumption; Electric door opener on the sell field or rent shops will have big impact on prices, a lot of smart door opener in essence is not much difference may can be due to the different stores rent, price difference is big. 4. Core material quality. Some relatively 'dirty' manufacturer, if you want to save costs, you dozen door core material pay attention to the body, may be to replace core material, therefore consumers will need to be careful in choosing.
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