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need a lift? here are the best smart garage door openers

by:LSDD     2020-01-08
Did you accidentally leave your garage door open?
You\'re not alone.
We do this from time to time, sometimes with disastrous results.
The smart garage door opener gives you peace of mind as it brings home automation into the garage and solves everyday problems.
To make sure you remember to close the door, you no longer need to worry about rushing home.
Most models will send you an alert in case you accidentally let it open and allow you to turn it off from the app on your phone.
These smart features can help improve the security of the garage.
Many excellent smart garage door openers are refurbished and are designed to upgrade your current opener instead of replacing it completely.
This is good news for many garager owners, but it does have a warning: it only applies to newer garage mechanics.
If your garage has a history of 10 to 15 years, it is possible that smart devices will not be compatible.
In order to find out the answer, be sure to study the requirements before you buy them.
Here\'s the top smart garage opener on the market.
MyQ Garage opener has been a popular option for years, the new version has only been improved in design, providing a compatible mainstream option for equipping your current garage with smart technology
MyQ offers three core capabilities through its applications and devices: open, close (
No matter where you are)
, And create a custom alert for the status of the garage door-
Keep it open, open unexpectedly, etc.
This allows you to arrange for a garage door to be closed at a specific time of day to ensure that it is closed safely no matter what happens.
You can also connect the opening statement to Google Assistant or IFTTT, but it will cost a small fee of $1 per month.
Fortunately, most homeowners should be able to install this model on their own, so there may not be an installation fee.
Now at: AmazonFor is slightly higher than Chamberlain, and this Nexx model offers a few additional features that you might prefer.
For example, when you are not at home, you can \"authorize\" people to enter your garage for maintenance as needed (
In addition to other smart on/off/notification functions).
There is also a log where you can consult to see how the garage door is used.
Nexx also provides voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant, but there is no cost-related monthly fee.
Buy now: AmazonNove is the smart garage door opener for Skylink.
We saw it on CES 2018 and were impressed with the potential of this new model.
It has natural compatibility with Amazon Alexa, excellent compatibility in the garage system, and also provides a convenient small LED light for additional visibility.
It can also be connected to smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, which automatically opens the garage door if problems are detected by these sensors, so you have at least extra ventilation in the garage space.
Buy now: SkylinkThe Gogogate 2 is one of the more expensive openers on our list, but it offers great design and is full of features, like a wireless sensor dedicated to segmentation and/or tilt --
Garage door to help add extra safety-
Add temperature monitoring to help determine whether the garage is open or closed (
Or how hot or cold the weather is, which can be useful for some garages).
Access Management, audio warning systems, and many types of remote alerts make it one of the most useful openers.
Also note that you can also purchase a version of the smart gate control.
Buy now: amazongocontrol/Linear is a use of Z-
Standard for wireless communication. Z-
Wave is slightly older than the more common Wi
The Fi connection, but it also provides the creation of a separate (
Usually more reliable)
Connections other than the network.
If your wireless network is already crowded or does not provide a very high service
With high quality connections in the garage, this model may be a better choice for your home.
If you already have Z-
Wave device, and hope to be compatible with the opener at the same frequency.
Right now: AmazonAsante adds a major security boost to its garage opener with a security camera that you can use at any time to stream your garage footage.
It is equipped with infrared technology for night viewing and unlimited cloud storage for saving videos.
However, for more in-
Depth information, like receiving text messages, does increase the cost when your garage is open.
But if you have a lot of things in your garage that you want to keep safe, this opening statement is well worth investing in.
If you\'re looking for a simpler and more affordable smart garage door opener, try GarageMate.
It doesn\'t have much extra functionality and there\'s nothing to write about in the design, but it\'s cost-effective
It is very simple and effective to install.
The opener relies on Bluetooth instead of Wi-
Fi connection limits its app functionality, but it provides a more durable, reliable opening statement that can even run outside of the wireless network.
It\'s worth noting that GarageMate has Siri compatibility if you prefer to use it instead of other voice assistants (
IOS and Android are supported, however).
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