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liftmaster: changing button and battery in my garage door opener

by:LSDD     2019-12-10
Therefore, a new battery is installed (
Pay attention to this later)
My garage door opener did not work the way it should.
I soon realized the problem when I opened it. . .
This is one of my enemies. es. .
Tactile switch.
I\'m not sure if these things are easy to fail or if it\'s just me.
Long story short, I have several devices with a failed tactile switch inside.
So please join me when I start to venture to change the switch in my lift main garage door opener.
Statement: If you think you want to start a similar adventure, you may follow bad advice and exercise critical thinking.
Tools you need: soldering iron screw driver replacement switch welding pliers (
Needle and nose is best)
Tape recommendation tool: the first step in removing the iron plate is quite simple, just open the thing.
The cut area is found on the side of the shell so that a device similar to a screwdriver can be placed.
If you are just starting to tear and spy, you can really get your shell up, so use a careful touch and know that you will most likely put the shell in this way
This case is simply captured together, so often in my uncaptured case, take care.
This is very simple because the PCB is just snuggling in the case.
The advantage of doing this is that if you just try to open the case, the case may break and at the same time you will put down the equipment and the board will fall off.
Okay, this is where things on my side get a little funky.
To do this correctly, you should get a welding iron.
The off-welding iron greatly improves your ability to complete this project without breaking the circuit board.
The role of the desoldered iron is to allow you to remove the molten solder.
You need this because the switch has 4 contact points so you can\'t simply unhook one of its legs.
I stole my father\'s steel, but he was wise about my prank and took it back.
I didn\'t realize this until I went deep into the project. My un-
It is recommended that the work around is to destroy the switch.
This increases the stress of the board and can cause cracks in the board, thus damaging the board.
Also, it\'s hard for you at any time to make sure you only break the parts you need. (un-
Recommendation about cont)
Once the physical part of the switch that is not connected to the board is removed, you need to remove the lead that is still welded to the board.
To do this, I installed a vise grip wrench on the residue and walked towards the weld.
Gravity will then help to remove the lead. (un-
Recommendation about cont)
Next, you will notice that the holes are blocked by welding.
This is usually easy to clean with a soldering iron.
So as you can see, this is a very useful tool for this project.
Since this is not an option for me, I just heat the solder and blow a burst of air from my mouth.
This is another tricky task because it is difficult to determine the right time for action, and you have the risk of burning yourself in addition to the fact that you can\'t control the blown solder will disappear. just be sure (
If you\'re trying this UN
Recommended method)
You blow the solder off the board.
You don\'t want slag to have a short circuit in other parts of the board.
Once you have successfully removed everything you can move to the next step.
It should be noted that you don\'t always need to remove the excess solder, I just found that it becomes much easier when placing a new switch.
Low and behold radio still sells parts and accessories.
Behind everything covered with dust.
You may also find these works online.
To add more excitement to the story, I got the switch wrong.
I accidentally purchased the Surface Mount switch.
This board is obviously a perforated board.
So make sure you buy the right switch with the motherboard type.
If your plate is like mine, you need a perforated switch.
So we can do it again.
Recommended work. This un-
The recommended job is to simply bend the connection point down and convert it to a through hole connection type switch.
One problem with this is that it weakens the switch even before part of your board.
Another problem is that the lead is not long enough to go through the circuit board, so you can\'t be 100% sure you \'ve made a good welding material.
When welding switch (
And most things in general)
I find it very useful to prepare what I am going to weld by applying a little solder on each part first.
So I added solder to the four contacts of the switch first.
Next I put the switch on the board and put it there with some tape.
I then weld all the pins on the board. (
It\'s much easier to use a perforated switch)
I also use a little bit of solder to prepare the soldering iron if you notice so I can get enough solder on the board.
Once you have everything welded in place, gently grab the switch and see if there is free movement on the switch, this is a wise move to test your welding.
Try to move it back and forth and move side by side.
If it feels like it\'s rocking even a little bit, check your solder joints. (un-
Recommended work)
Because I have very short leads to make sure I have a good welding connection, I follow up and go to the front of the switch to make sure that the lower temperature of the back connection is also connected to the front.
It is not recommended to do this because it can burn the circuit board and switch, so please do yourself a favor and get the right material.
After the inspection, the rest of the welding work is to put the battery back in place and reassemble the housing. Fin. . .
So, once I put everything back together, it still doesn\'t work.
Then I realized that I had completed the switch.
Tail-cut surgery on the wrong device.
We have two garage door openers, one to replace the battery and the other to change the switch.
So naturally, my luck will have me replace the battery with a bad switch and switch the switch to the one that needs the battery. . .
Life is full of surprises.
So I changed one.
Even if one of them did some unnecessary surgery, it is now good to remove and replace the battery at the end and all the equipment.
So before you change the switch in the wrong device, make sure you grab the right switch or simply check to make sure your battery is not dead.
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