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installing a garage door opener on your motorcycle

by:LSDD     2020-01-08
You need a garage door opener wire (
I think I\'m using the 18 th or the 20 th.
Shrink the tubingsolideringironwire connector, and perhaps some discarded tinmultimeter needs to be remembered as well.
If you live near the corner, try to give yourself some distance before canceling the turn light when you leave, so you don\'t open the garage door by mistake.
One of my friends has encountered this situation occasionally.
Drill a small hole on the back of the garage door opener and feed the wire.
Weld this end to the button lead.
If you want to remove the transmitter from the bike from time to time, the wire connector will come to play.
A good location for the transmitter is under the seat or on the tail, I initially had my wife\'s transmitter extend to the tank under the plastic housing, but the tank interfered with the signal.
It works better when I move it to the tail.
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