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How to select electric sliding door motor, we pay attention to when buying a sliding door motor

by:LSDD     2020-05-13
Automatic sliding door motor look in order to realize the automatic open and close, but its internal integration technology are fundamentally different. Opening the door machine brand more and more cases, also hard to avoid some shoddy, users lack the knowledge it is difficult to judge of automatic electric door machine. So what problem should note remote control electric sliding door of choose and buy the motor? 1, the horsepower size. That people often ask, how is this door will open the door of the door or multiple? The habit of people always think that the larger the door machine appearance simply the greater strength, this is unscientific. In fact, the motor size is by rotor parameters (power Diameter size and length of the pile of thick) And the motor magnetic tile. 2, the motor waterproof performance. Affect the waterproof performance of the motor is determined by the outlet, the bottom cover sealing ring. Take Nice sliding door motor compared with imitations on the market, it is easy to find Nice sliding door motor wire is fully sealed, and special waterproof processing, and the bottom cover sealing ring with oil resistant rubber sealing ring. 3, see motor lifespan. Motor of worm and worm wheel, a shaft sleeve, the structure of the reducer shell, rotor bearing parts, such as the installation of chosen material and production process determines the motor work lifespan and turbulence of shock resistance strength. Like the Nice worm and worm wheel sliding door motor adopts wear-resisting formula, rigid good big modulus, tooth width and the overall high-performance materials precision manufacturing. 4, automatic door machine type choice, if the traffic is less, it is general, and the budget of the investment is less, such as office, office, you can choose ordinary price is rather on the low side door machine. This kind of door machine, usually can also be trouble-free use, but are relatively short service life. If upgrade units after service is good, can at any time to provide maintenance services, you can rest assured that use. 5, pay attention to the compatibility automatic door machine, door machine with compatibility, can be equipped with these devices. Some automatic door machine itself with such function, easy to install, and some of the door machine without this feature, many device can be equipped with necessary to match, which leads to unnecessary spending.
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