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How to choose and install villa electric sliding door motor

by:LSDD     2020-05-17
Electric sliding door is also called the electric sliding door, for villa electric sliding door, no matter what kind material of the door, once automatically, core technology have to tend to the door machine running, sliding door motor selection is a villa, and completes the electric sliding door installation details to have a better usability and durability. Let me give you a detailed introduction of sliding door motor selection and installation details, sliding door motor selection: 1, according to body weight selection door opener: no matter what kind of material door in making drawings confirmed according to the proportion of material to calculate the weight of the door, usually the parameters of the motor bearing body weight are marked, must let the parameters of the motor load weight is more than more than 20% of body weight, such as: motor, 500 kg of body choose 600 kilograms to offset the hydrodynamic coefficient of friction, avoid a small cart, reduce the service life of the motor. 2, according to using frequency selection to open the door machine: open closed more than 150 times a day more than matching dc motor, support frequent open. The rebound blocked, often can be equipped with battery power place. Switch is 150 times the following advice matching ac motor, power is strong, adapt to the heavy door, cheaper prices, motor overheating protection function, no rebound blocked. 2, installation and electric sliding door 5 details: 1, the sliding door rail foundation: as the electric sliding door, can do a good job track foundation is vital, especially in the northern region, we require at least 400 cm wide foundation of rail hardening x500cm thickness x is a times of the width of the door is the basis for the rest of the track beam, better wear a steel cage, pouring into an organic whole, motor base size 400 cmx400cmx500cm ( Length, width and depth) To be beautiful, and the motor base and track beam pouring into an organic whole, casting under good orbit embedded parts at the same time. Why are we so the track? After the northern winter freeze will not only increase general ground, spring will gradually fall, after rising motor gear will and rack bite tightly together, so that the whole body weight will be bearing in the machine, or could not be opened, either will seriously affect the service life of the motor; After beginning of spring back on the ground, gear and rack from, cause gear skid or idling, door did not move. In short, if if that were to happen, the automatic door is in a state of infinite maintenance, basic brings to the enterprise operation cost and will lose the trust of the user, is indeed a hitherto thankless thing, all, we must give users in early to put forward the reasonable construction requirements. 2, rail laying: when pouring the ground beam under good track of embedded parts, all laying track when we just be orbital level and straight line, there is joint connecting sand, it is best to let the track surface 10 - highlight the ground plane - - - - - - 15 cm is better, when using, snow, rocks, ice will not affect the normal operation of the door. 3 land wheel and the roller, the hydrodynamic choice: usually best when selectively wheel according to body weight matching processing and motor lifetime wheel, internal bearing is important to the quality of the bearing and the bearing, wheel on the best choice with nylon roller shell, and can reduce noise and can protect the bearing lubrication. 4, the installation of the door: good electric pause, completes the foundation, configured hardware, installing a door as long as we guarantee body level, vertical installation, we have a door manually run very smoothly. To implement electric door has established the good run. The installation: 5, motor when the motor is first fixed base, base solid electric motor, rack and pinion connection you'd better keep periods of 2 mm. Remember that can't let the rack and pinion completely occlusion, this will increase the friction coefficient of the motor. A slight change of unfavorable also gap is too big, so the ground gears will slip. Electric sliding doors typical layout chosen to open the door machine products, completes the installation details, less maintenance, is the enterprise to retain old customers the lowest cost.
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