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Hospital dedicated to open the door machine installation consideration

by:LSDD     2020-05-11
With the constant improvement of the national economy and the improvement of living standards, many different types of flat door machine have applications in various areas of our lives, for our daily gateway control has played a very big help, also let many entrances control property staff feel very convenient, especially many hospitals have installed the automatic door machine, greatly improve the convenience of travel and the hospital staff, so below choose automatic door machine need to consider what factors, dimensional tolerance, small make up today to sort out the three aspects of science and technology content for your reference. 1, the function with the improvement of residential intelligent, security requirement, in choosing to open the door machine, open the function of the extension must be considered. If the door machine is convenient use induction door, credit card, no card to limit personnel to enter; Whether open flat machine remote control device can be compatible with other remote control equipment, realize many spreading and so on. Some automatic door machine itself with such function, easy to install, and some of the door machine without this feature, necessary to match many device can be mounted, which leads to unnecessary spending. 2, model hospital door commonly used have flat to open the door, the door of the translation of two kinds. And can be installed in hospital types can also open the door machine, door machine, door machine translation etc. So, choose a hospital to open the door machine should choose according to the style of the door for, if it is a flat open, should choose a hospital to open the door machine. If translation, translation should choose hospital door machine. 3, compatibility from the current domestic many parts of the use of the material of door, commonly used cast iron, forging steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, wood, etc. Hospital door determines the door rigid material, material specification, and it is also a shadow hospital door open machine to choose one of the factors. If the hospital door rigid body weaker, not suitable for choose the pusher, crank arm type, rod type door machine. In addition, also depends on the conditions of the installation is appropriate, whether the installation is simple.
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