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Bernard gladstonejune 25,1981 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.
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The automatic garage door opener operated from inside the car not only does not need to get off at a rainy or windy night, but is widely regarded as an important safety feature, especially for those who come home alone at night.
You can drive directly into a bright, previously locked garage until you stay indoors safely and the garage door is locked behind you before you can get off the bus. (
When the door is opened, the lights inside the garage are automatically opened. )
However, due to the cost, many homeowners do not have an automatic garage door opener, and Labor alone often accounts for 30-50%.
In order to reduce the price, some manufacturers have redesigned their equipment to simplify the installation and start directly to do-it-yourselfer.
Although some producers started doing this a few years ago, early equipment was usually fully assembled, including 10-foot-
Long track required to connect the ceiling-
Install the power unit on the garage door. (
The bar serves as a guide for raising and lowering the chain or spiral mechanism of the door. )
Therefore, they are large in size and difficult to store or display for dealers.
They can\'t take home easily on regular cars either.
Even the two biggest companies.
Alliance manufacturing company, 44601 Union Lake Park Avenue, Ohio (
Manufacturer of Elf door opener)
And Chamberlain Manufacturing, located at 845 Larch Avenue, Elmhurst. 60126 -
Join the ranks of those who sell easilyto-
Install the pre-packaged garage door opener.
The equipment is partially assembled with complete installation instructions and there will be no problem with any of the reasonably convenient homeowners.
Advertising in each case 10-foot-
The long track surrounding the drive chain or spiral mechanism is hit-
Down, the long rail segment so that it can be assembled at home.
Therefore, the whole unit is installed in a carton box and can be easily taken home in the trunk of a normal car.
The latest model of Chamberlain, heavy duty 555, is a chain-
There are four driving models. section T-
The rod rail is used as the guide for driving the chain around the drive sprocket and trolley assembly.
Priced at around $200 with car radio transmitter, manual door button and built-in
In the receiver that activates the motor, this model also has unusual safety features: a photocell sensor and an invisible beam projector mounted about 6 inch above the floor. (
Chamberlain is also a chain.
But so far, none of these have new electric eye features. )
When this beam is interrupted
For example, by children or small animals-
It automatically stops and reverses before reaching a child or animal.
Like most other garage door openers, the door will automatically retract if it does hit an obstacle.
There is a screw in the Elf opener-
Drive mechanism, not chain drive (
The company produces chain drives and screw drives, but their screws
More popular drive unit).
These also have a new security feature: you have to press the button on the transmitter twice to get the door to start closing, thus minimizing the possibility of someone or someone else accidentally pressing the button is on the road.
If the door encounters an obstacle during the descent, it will automatically reverse.
The button is pressed only once to open the door.
There are three models to choose from, and the cheapest chain is selling for just over $100 --
Drive model, the maximum screw price is about $180drive model.
The most popular is the medium-sized screwdriver model GS-
800, from $140 to $160.
Advertising for all these units
From the league, from Chamberlain, from other companies like Stanley and Sears. Bring the radio.
Encoded operating transmitters and receivers, so the signals used do not conflict with other nearby signals, so the receiver is not accidentally triggered by stray signals from aircraft or other electronic devices.
Although the installer will vary depending on the brand purchased and the type of garage door (
Sliding door, one
Single piece door with track or one
Part without track)
, The first step is to make sure that the door is properly balanced so that it can move up and down easily without being tied or stuck.
To test the proper balance, raise the door so that its bottom is about 3 feet from the ground and release it.
The door should be kept in place and do not fall or crawl up.
If not, the springs need to be adjusted, or the rolling and moving parts need to be lubricated to make them work smoothly.
Also, check if all mounting bolts are tightened
Attached to the roller on the door, as well as support brackets that hold the track to the overhead beam or ceiling.
Next, assemble the knock.
Connect the motor unit to the lower rail and drive mechanism at the top of the door.
Then, as shown, install the power unit to the ceiling of the garage.
For the elves, this is part of the work and requires personal planning at workit-yourselfer -
Build a suitable platform to install the power unit overhead.
This platform can be built with wood (
Kind of good. down table)
, Or use horn or electric conduit (3/4-
Inch steel pipe).
The kit with Chamberlain open door unit includes all the metal brackets needed to install the power unit on the ceiling.
After the installation platform is connected to the ceiling, the assembled 10-foot-long rail (
Drive screw or drive chain moving along it)
Is fixed on the door frame directly above the center line of the door.
Then swing the track and the power unit so that the power unit can be fixed to a previously prepared installation platform on the ceiling.
Instructions with kit, then tell how to connect the drive mechanism to the pivot arm at the top of the door to near the highest point of the door. The up-limit and down-
The limit switch is located in the next position and adjusted according to the correct on and off limits, after which the manual button (
This allows you to open the door from the garage)
Installed in a convenient location and connected to the power unit at low level
Voltage Bell line provided.
Advertising for batteries
The operating transmitter does not need to be wired or otherwise installed in the car, except to paste it on the dashboard with adhesive or Velcro tape.
A version of this article was printed on page C00004 of the National edition on June 25, 1981, with the title: Home improvement;
Garage door automatic opener.
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