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home clinic; installing openers for garage doors

by:LSDD     2020-01-05
9. 1997 getting off the car on a cold, rainy night to open the garage door may not be convenient. if the door is heavy and you are in bad health, it will be uncomfortable or even harmful.
The automatic opener opens the door when you stay in the car.
Most models are affordable and easy to install.
Before going to the nearest home center to buy the door opener, please double check your garage and doors.
Most elevated garage doors are called segmented garage doors because they are made up of separate panels that are connected together by hinges.
The other type of door is-piece door (
Sometimes called \"kick the door \")
Open as a unit.
You can attach an opener to either of them, but one-
Doors are usually made of lightweight materials--
Fiberglass, aluminum or hard plate--
And additional support may be required to accept the opener bracket.
Look at the opening mechanism of your door.
Springs, cables and pulleys must be intact--
No damage or damage.
Open and close the door several times to make sure the door is balanced evenly.
Find the nearest power outlet;
It must be properly grounded and positioned in order to be within 3 feet of the power cord of the opener.
Some electrical specifications require the opener to be connected directly to the electrical box, so be sure to check the local regulations before proceeding.
The arc highest point of the door (when it opens) and the ceiling raf must also have enough gaps.
Most garage door openers require a gap of 1/2 to 3 inch.
Then measure the height of the door.
The maximum height of the average garage door is 7 feet M 6 inch m.
Most garage door openers are designed to handle doors of this height or below.
If your door is higher, you must purchase an opener with a longer drive track.
Measure the width of the door.
If it is below 9 feet, you can use 1/4-hp opener.
Wider doors require a opener with 1/2hp or 1/3-hp motor.
When you go to the family center, be sure to consult the dealer to find out which model is best for your garage and budget.
You will find that the garage door opener has two driving mechanisms: chain and screw.
While both work well, most experts believe that the chain drive is better in bad, cold weather.
Please read the instructions before trying to install the opener so you can thoroughly understand the whole mechanism and set it up.
Remove the car from the garage and remove any obstacles close to the door and garage center.
Assemble all necessary tools;
The door opener of different models may vary, but in most cases you need a six
Pedal, drill, screwdriver, hammer, adjustable wrench or socket wrench and several sockets, tape measure and pencil.
Prepare the garage door by removing or deactivating any lock (
The opener has its own locking system)
And the rope handle.
Take the opener unit and then assemble the guide rail and connect it to the power unit.
The traveler (
Also known as the trolley, it moves along the track, opening and closing the door)
On the track and connect the roller assembly (
This is the pulley that guides the drive chain)
To the end opposite the power unit.
Run the drive chain from the power unit to the stroke through the roller assembly and run the cable from the drive chain.
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The track and power drive assembly will run from the power unit to the bracket installed in the center of the head (
This is a big horizontal support.
The door opens above.
To determine the position of the bracket, close the garage door and then locate the center of the title.
Mark this with six.
Vertical line in inches.
Next, when the door opens, establish the highest point of its arc and mark this distance on the vertical line.
The distance required to increase the rail gap (
This will be specified in the instruction manual)
And fix the bracket at that point.
Place the power unit on the ladder in order to maintain level with the header holder.
If the stepladder is not high enough, please lift the unit and tie it to the overhead beam (
You might want help from an assistant).
While protecting the device, you can use another method to keep it in place.
Open the garage door and balance the opener on the shelf created by the head top door.
If you need to raise the interval block higher, please place the interval block under the track.
Fastening the track to the bracket is usually to align the two components and then insert the splints pin through the fit hole.
Fix the power device on the structural member--
Beams, beams or beams--
On the roof of the garage.
Some models have special brackets, while others include metal mounting bands or perforated horn iron.
If you have a finished ceiling in your garage, you have to make a 2 by 4 mounting frame.
Connect it to the frame of the roof and then hang the power unit on it.
Fix the bracket on the wood using lag screws.
Be sure to drill the pilot hole first.
At this point, with the drive rail and the power unit in place, you still need to connect the connection bracket on the door to the traveler on the drive rail and connect the power cord.
Finally, you have to test and adjust the safety equipment and controls to prevent accidental damage caused by closing the door.
These procedures will be handled next week.
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A version of this article was printed on page WC14 of the National edition on November 9, 1997, with the title: home clinic;
Install the opener for the garage door.
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