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Having garage door openers has given a huge advantage

by:LSDD     2020-06-18
The rest of the federal and state garage door safety rules could be considered offspring's of UL 325. It was created by the Underwriter's Laboratories in 1973 as voluntary industry standard safety law and then revised in 1982 and 1988 to include requirements for protection against electric shock, fire and entrapment hazards. In 1990, a federal legislation was enacted that required every residential garage door opener manufactured for sale domestically to conform to UL 325 entrapment protection requirements. A revision was passed in January 1993 for an inclusion of the requirement for every garage door to have optical sensor or door edge sensor, or an equivalent safety gadget. This act does not push the public to purchase garage door models. If those older models break down, however, consumers may not be able to obtain replacement parts. From this part, you now need to get newer models. Aside from adhering to firmer laws, the garage door opener business also started with a consumer awareness safety promotion. To ensure that both garage door and opener are working in a safe and efficient manner, they should be tested on a monthly basis. Failure to perform proper maintenance and correct any problems may result in injuries. Careless operation and allowing children to play with the garage door opener controls are also dangerous situations that can lead to tragic results. Helpful reminders can keep your family and friends safe at all times. It is a major security issue and may even end up with a big injury or death. Children should not be allowed near transmitters or wall controls. Install the push button wall at least 5 feet above the ground. It should be placed away from the moving parts and should be totally unreachable by little kids. The closing garage door must be in full view from where your button is mounted and is being used. The safe operation involving the garage door should involve your children and their cooperation. Watch the door as it closes until you are certain that it is really sealed. Discipline kids as to not playing near or below an open garage door. Running under a closing door must be prohibited. Lay a 2x4 flat object under the garage door. A door ready to close should cease and open instead. If you do not see the appropriate response, know that the opener needs to be fixed, checked or totally replaced.
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