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by:LSDD     2020-07-26

We purchased one of many dual gate openers for our new fence. Had to contact customer service about one query we had, and so they have been just so nice -- which is an oddity in itself nowadays. The gate has so many different settings you possibly can tailor to your wants. When we had been attempting to figure out why it stop working, we discovered it was crammed with rust colored water. The arm was installed appropriately (not the other way up) and I known as the company to allow them to know that they some kind of design flaw that allowed rainwater in.

Simple to install, worth could be very reasonable, but that was not our driving issue. Very straightforward to program open and closed positions with the touch of the management panel buttons.

We design and engineer residential garage door openers, commercial door operators and gate entry methods. After taking a look at every opener available on the market several occasions each, we went with Ghost Controls.

the system totally provides us the safety and management we had been looking for. I installed a single gate controller system from Ghost Controls a couple of months in the past.

I had two instancesd the place lightning broken the primary board, the board within the arm, the antenna amplifier board and the alarm speaker. While I did have to switch the main board, Ghost was nice enough to ship me the other parts free of charge. I would undoubtedly advocate Ghost controls for any of your gate needs.

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