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garage doors kill 46 children; parents urged to update openers

by:LSDD     2020-01-06
Government safety experts said Monday at least 46 children have died in automatic garage doors in the past eight years.
They urged homeowners to replace all garage doors that did not automatically reverse.
The Consumer Product Safety Board said the children were killed when the door was closed without automatically reopening.
The agency said that if the door does not respond to the impact object, the child\'s life can be protected by checking the garage door opener and immediately repairing or replacing it.
Many garage door units manufactured before 1982 are not automaticReverse features.
Some of the old doors have a device designed to reverse the closed doors, however, due to wear, poor maintenance, or poor installation, the Commission says this may not be sufficient to prevent child deaths.
Homeowners can place two-
The committee said there was an inch of wood on the path of the door.
\"If the door does not reverse quickly when hitting the block, the unit should be detached and call the service technician to see if repairs are needed,\" it said . \".
The team also said that the equipment manufactured after 1982 could be improved by installing a \"Electric Eye\" near the floor in order to reopen the closed door as the object passes through its path.
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