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Garage doors are highly important components of

by:LSDD     2020-06-09
It is important to ensure that the garage door opener control switch is fixed out of the reach of small children in the home. Though this might be tempting to most children, it is not advisable to let them play with garage door remote controls. It is important for you to go through the owner's manual to know how to make use of the garage door's inbuilt emergency release feature. As a home owner, it is important you take care of the regular maintenance of your garage doors. At least once in a month, personally inspect the garage door to check the condition of the springs, cables, pulleys and rollers to detect any signs of wear and tear. These parts are constantly moving up and down several times in a day and are therefore prone to get misaligned, damaged or broken at times. Garage doors are under the heavy tension bestowed by the springs and therefore, it is not advisable to repair them yourself without the necessary implements and training. Call a qualified garage door professional to do this for you. Periodically test the reversing mechanism of the garage door opener. You can test the sensors by placing a 2X4 board or a roll of paper towel beneath the path of the garage door. If the door does not reverse after sensing the object in the path, then something is wrong. You may therefore need to call a professional to set right the issue. These days, openers come with a standard auto-reverse feature and therefore you have more safety. Placing your fingers between door sections is highly risky. Telling this to your children is the most important thing you must do. If you have small children at home and if you are buying a new garage door, consider going for a panel model that does not pinch. It is not right to let the garage doors in a partially open position. When they are activated once again, they might move downwards and hit the object in their path. Over and above, you are also risking the safety of your home in this way. While you go on vacations, it is wise to unplug the garage door opener unit. Also consider using a vacation lock console security switch. This is an optional accessory to most kinds of openers and will leave the remotes unusable in your absence. Rolling code technology changes the codes every time you operate the doors in order to prevent grabbing the code by invaders. Never leave the remote controls in the car. Key chain remotes are a good choice since you will automatically carry them with you.
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