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Garage door to open the door machine price? How to choose the garage door open the door machine

by:LSDD     2020-05-15
Sellers to hear the most problem is the garage door to open the door machine price how many? Actually good or want to see where the customer use, and what they need, the performance of the door machine, then we'll look at some of the garage door. According to fire performance classification according to fire prevention hierarchy is divided into level 3. According to the regulation of the international ISO standard, garage door is divided into a, b, c level 3, that the price of garage door motor? In addition to the price we have to care about its performance, then let's see how is their performance. Fire resistance for 1 class a garage door. 3 h, class b fire resistance to 0 garage door. 9 h and class c fire resistance to 0 garage door. 6h。 Class a garage door door leaf glass small window, b, class c garage door in the door leaf open a small window of glass plate. 5 mm thick glass, wired glass or transparent composite fire glass. According to the classification of wood surface materials and core materials of garage door iron door the door board adopts double outsourced galvanized sheet and double board single Mosaic plasterboard outsourcing iron; Or use double deck board, asbestos board and outsourcing of the tin. The fire resistance of them are 1 - More than 2 h. Skeleton filling flame-retardant core material for filling in the door in the wooden frame, and iron seal bag, can also be used in light steel frame filled flame retardant sheet steel core material outsourcing. Its fireproof limit in 0. 9 to 1. Within 5 h, fireproof limit prices so high that the garage door motor? Wooden door is made of high quality of spruce, through scientific flame retardant chemical dipping treatment for wood frame, and outside the door leaf attached with flame retardant plywood and fire retardant paint, fills in flame retardant materials. Its fireproof limit can satisfy a, b, c three fire rating requirements.
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