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Flat opening gate buried machine installation process - — Buried chassis of embedded

by:LSDD     2020-05-21
We often use the courtyard door is mostly flat to the courtyard door opening gates and translation. Courtyard door divides a lot of material, door leaf has wrought iron courtyard door, aluminum aluminum art courtyard door, pure real wood compound door, copper garden door. The whole movement mode is still the same. But electric door machine have much money, buried the door machine, straight arm to open the door, crank arm to open the door machine, etc. The electric door opener and buried the door installation to best effect, hidden motor, high performance, high Angle and open the door is not affected by the door machine volume and more beautiful and practical, make customers more favor. Today is an open courtyard door open buried machine example, to introduce you to the flat open courtyard door what are the installation process. , wrought iron flat open courtyard door, buried the door machine instance effect open courtyard door buried machine installation drawings: flat open courtyard door installation generally requires the following steps: 1, first will play to reserve a good before install mouth clean, the special wire, and the control line wear well. Obligate mouth again put on the stones, paving and compaction, drainage works. ( Small explain: NICE's motor itself is not afraid of water, drainage is to do it can avoid more water in the winter, ice after the switch. So the drainage is very important. ) 2, use first floor level measurement, find out the installation height & plusmn; 0, painting line, ready for 3, will be buried casing in accordance with the specified height and measuring door plank size, layout and line drawing. Looking for a good position and height, set position, ready to fixed; 4, will be buried after casing completes the precise position, can be fixed in concrete pouring, the first step is a great work done! Here, flat open courtyard door buried the door machine buried shell embedded installation has been finished, this section of work is done. Under section will talk about buried installation process of the motor, please attention! Contact: flat opening gate buried buried installation process of machine installation.
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