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Even open the door machine as outdoor electromechanical

by:LSDD     2020-05-30
You know, life is the bottleneck of dc motor carbon brush life, even open the door of the motor carbon brush service life can do continuous running 700 hours is the high level (but even open the door machine normal life for five years, in order to open the door, close the door for a cycle, 25 a day, each cycle cycle 45 seconds), if more than 700 plan is no basis for hours. Low temperature resistance problem is also a problem, because of the low level of ignorance, usually in dc motor the electrical connection is the tin welding, and solder in-33 degrees c is pulverization, all welding place will fall off, therefore, are 'direct current function in 35 degrees below zero operation' view is also lack of scientific basis. Therefore, only a motor details to do a will, and those are very time simply to rain the motor (no seal Europe, not waterproof) of manufacturers, to users of products, is highly responsible. From now on the market similar products to see, even open the door machine in the overall structure of the design, people often make mistakes have three: 1, rolling bearing used to type or half open environment operation. The rolling bearing is a more accurate, and delicate mechanical components, it reasonable operation environment for: seal, dustproof, waterproof, and have good lubrication condition, otherwise, extremely easy wear and corrosion and failure, if use its on even open the door open or device inside the open environment, apparently not half. We choose the nanoscale microporous oil-retaining bearing, to ensure the effective life period in good lubrication, our 2001 products subsequent games, still intact. 2, double cylindrical guide pin for type of companies for lift board. Double cylindrical guide pin working environment and rolling bearing steel, must be strictly a sealed, dustproof, waterproof, lubrication good environments, if use open the door machine which the rise and fall of the board, the guide pin and set easily jammed and lost between flexibility, the consequences are damaged motor, heavy light will top the door hinge and overturn, cause injury accident. Such failure has occurred on, fortunately not hurt and the owners. Ignore the little details will be a bad accident. Chinentech auto door limited is one of leading manufacturer, Company in China, who professionally inautomatic door opener system, automatic door opener, automatic door operator. Such as Commercial automatic doors, automatic sliding glass door etc.
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