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Electric door motor price, 90 degrees to open the door machine, door machine characteristics

by:LSDD     2020-05-18
Becomes more and more popular electric door machine, garden, villa, community, government agencies, schools and other places for vehicles and people in and out of convenience, service personnel also in order to improve the service level, many of them choose to install electric door motor, so how can the simplest common swing doors into electric flat to open the door? Motor can be installed flat open the door. It is installed on all kinds of different material flat to open the door, electric door machine available remote manual control of the door open and close, stop, with closed or open the door in place automatically stop, close the door to lock, and other functions! Here is a commonly used flat opening gate motor; Product introduction: Toona5024 used to open the door, open the door to 5 meters wide; Electromechanical motor, surface mounting machine, 24 v dc motor, with magnetic coding 噐. 1, operation safety, mute: enjoy patent internal structure. 2, easy installation, simple maintenance: built-in electric ( Toona5) 3, bronze alloy screw to ensure that shut down safely. Design simple and generous, facilitate compact connection: born from the top of motor into the internal parts of the quick connection 24 v dc models: equipped with magnetic encoder, suitable for frequent use, strong compatibility update the design of the third generation made by two hard aluminum after polyester lacquer painting into a protective shell to ensure the stable product quality and the durability of use; Can adapt to bad weather. Internal moving parts is made up of just, light alloy and technical polymers. Product pictures: technical installation drawing: TO5024 power supply ( Vac50Hz) - - - - - - ( 伏直流电) 24 maximum current ( 一) Conventional current (5 一) 2 maximum power ( W) Conventional power (120 W) 48 built-in capacitance ( uF) - - - - - - Protection level ( IP) 44 no-load speed ( m/s) 0. 016 load speed, m/s) 0. 012 trip ( 毫米) 540 maximum thrust ( N) Conventional thrust (1800 N) 600 working temperature ( Minimum/maximum) ℃ - - - - - - 20÷ + 50 overheating protection ( ℃) - - - - - - The cycle time ( Ring/h) 95 * installed level A size ( 毫米) 965× 115× 105 weight ( kg)
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