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Electric door machine three fault maintenance skills

by:LSDD     2020-05-23
Any furniture appliance after using for a long time, will appear parts wear or aging. At this time we need to do is to pay more attention to the usual maintenance and maintenance, in addition to the need to strictly control when buying, when using, also need to do operation specification. To avoid the loss of money. Open electric motor use time is long, need maintenance and maintenance? The answer is obvious, and it will be opened for electric motor below the daily maintenance of do some detailed introduction: failure 1: manual clutch failure. Analysis: the damage of operating handle. Clutch is binding. Solution: change the operating handle. The output gear change to turn right or left. Fault 2: organ electric door runtime back immediately. There are obstacles in front of the analysis: the block. Collision damage of photoelectric switch. Solution: the obstacles in front of the screen. Change the photoelectric medallion. Fault 3: prevent false alarm. Analysis: the probe misalignment. The climb probe damage. Attachment is broken or the plug loose. Solution: adjust the probe. Replace the probe. Replace the plug wire.
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