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Electric door machine equipped with infrared protect magic eye fixed point how to choose?

by:LSDD     2020-05-11
Infrared protection protection mainly according to protect pedestrians first, principle of traffic safety is the foundation to choose, the following is a reference guide: 1. Infrared protection location point refers to the closed operation of infrared protection scope of the position of the point. The position of the infrared protection point has two: closed reduction limit location points, the position of the closed area. 2. Infrared protection is the location of the point on the main control board infrared function interface to select, general is according to the customer before the order with us let us know whether the configuration of infrared protector, THIESR controller comes with tight stop standard, equipped with infrared safer, of course, without considering the cost, this is not the choice of two 3. In the case of equipped with infrared electric eye protection, in the operation of the automatic door shut, someone or objects blocking operation path, automatic door opener immediately make a return to open the door, so as to protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles, therefore, we in the choice to open the door machine infrared protect magic eye take from the ground to the general body height of 30 cm - Between 80 cm, specific how many, will not give clear standards, such as in the home with children, that is around 30 cm, 1 - 2 years old children love to play, curious about new things more, all the protection safety first, on the other hand, can add a pair of magic eye without considering cost, achieve no blind area correlation.
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