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consumer\'s world; safety standards being tightened for garage doors

by:LSDD     2020-01-06
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As casualties involving automatic garage door accidents continue to occur, efforts are being made by the federal government, states and manufacturers to tighten safety standards. Forty-
Since 1982, five children and three adults have been known to have died in a door accident and 27 children and six adults have been injured.
Most of the dead children, all of whom are children under 14 years of age or 14 years of age, are suffocated because the garage door failed to stop their descent and reversal when touching the child.
The automatic door is operated by a portable transmitter or button mounted on the inner wall of the garage.
Doors can be opened and closed from inside or outside the garage.
\"This is a problem that people don\'t know,\" said Sean M . \"
Lawyer Bartsh from St.
Paul represents the family of children who died after being trapped under the garage door.
\"You don\'t think your garage door will kill your child.
\"Here are some of the fat caused by the automatic garage door as described in a July report by the US Consumer Product Safety Board: * in 1982, a 4-year-
In Dayton, Ohio, a door without an automatic reversing device crushed a little boy.
Advertising * Neb North Pratt 2 year old boy 1985
He suffocated when he was trapped under the door.
* An 8-year-old boy in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1989.
He suffocated when he was stuck between the door and the garage floor.
Advertising in Minnesota, garage-
The door opener is widely used and passed the first state law this year to set mandatory standards for doorsOpen system.
The California Legislature has approved a similar measure and is waiting for the governor to sign it.
Minnesota Democratic Representative Gerry Sikorski has proposed a federal bill that provides mandatory standards.
\"We must protect children across the country from the potential danger of unsafe open systems . \"Sikorski said.
\"No failure --
Safety devices that parents can be fooled into believing in their garage
The door opener runs safely when the reverse mechanism is actually defective.
\"The association of door operators and remote control manufacturers says the automatic opener is\" one of the safest products in the American Home \".
The organization noted that about 40 million American households have installed the equipment and have been on sale for more than 40 years.
The garage door is the biggest and heaviest mobile device in the home, security experts say. About 1.
5 million openers are sold each year for prices ranging from $100 to $175, excluding installation. Door-
Meeting the openers of the Underwriters Lab to convene a meeting
In its Northbrook, the manufacturer of sick bottle openers.
Headquartered in Beijing.
26 and 27 discuss upgrading its voluntary standards to improve security reverse functionality.
The National Safety Council and production group announced the national Garage Door Safety Month of October.
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The consumer goods safety board never made mandatory safety requirements for garagesdoor openers.
But it did issue a press release urging homeowners with children between the ages of 2 and 14 to be particularly careful when the automatic opener is connected to their door. Carl W.
Blechschmidt, project manager at Commmission, said that unless we believe it is necessary and able to make the necessary findings to support it, the agency will not issue regulations.
\"Thus, open standards were strictly voluntary prior to Minnesota law, mainly as a result of the Underwriters Laboratory program. The first U. L.
Door opener safety standards were established in 1973.
Improvements were added in 1975, and improvements were added in 1982.
Advertising makers say more than 95% of the openers produced today meet the 1982 standard. L. 325.
But the Minnesota Security Council says up to half of the systems used may not meet the requirements.
There\'s no harm in adding another level of protection to the \'s\' of other mechanisms, \'said Don Grob of the US Department of Defense. L.
Engineer, he is referring to discussions with manufacturers scheduled later this month.
\"We want to do what we can, technically possible, economically productive.
He said three additional reversing mechanisms are being considered: an electric eye on the floor, an infrared or ultrasonic motion detector, and a switch that tripped when the door hit something.
All automatic garages required by Minnesota law
Open door devices sold or repaired in the state meet the requirements of the United StatesL.
Up to standard by next January. 1.
Two years later, openers sold in the state must be built in such a way that any failure of the reverse mechanism can prevent the entire system from running.
Manufacturers say they are also worried about safety.
\"Every death is a problem and a concern,\" said John E . \"
Clark, president of the manufacturer group.
\"We are all continuing our efforts for quality, reliability and safety.
\"A version of this article was printed on page 1001048 of the National edition on September 15, 1990 with the title: The world of consumers;
Safety standards for garage doors are tightening.
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