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Can parking gate arm be customized?
In order to satisfy different needs for a variety of industries and clients, Fuyang Lushan Machinery Factory keeps improving our service capacity and enlarging our service scope, which sets a base for supplying professional customization services. The customization service processes include design consultation, product development, and sample offering. The product can be made into various colors, sizes, and other parameters with its functions remaining stable and consistent throughout manufacturing. If the samples do not meet the requirements, we will adjust the production until customers are satisfied.

LSDD Gate Operators is one of China's largest and highest-selling car park barriers products company in scale and revenue. The garage door opener accessories series has become a hot product of LSDD Gate Operators. The product causes no harm. During the production, only the low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are used, and any formaldehyde is excluded. It ensures greater safety and maximum ease of use. When worn directly in contact with the body, this product feels soft and smooth on the skin. It will not cause scarch or feel stiff. It supports external long-range management and control via computer.

We are open to new ways of thinking and doing things, in order to create new possibilities for customers. We will always respond to unexpected challenges in a bold way to capture global strengths and achieve operational excellence.
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