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Automatic garage door openers have been so favorable

by:LSDD     2020-06-15
UL 325 gave birth to the federal and state garage door safety rules. The Underwriters Laboratories in 1973 was its creator and it was later revised in 1982 to add on the requirements for safety measures against electric shock, fire and entrapment hazards. UL 325 entrapment protection requirements are upheld by the federal legislation activated in 1990 stating every garage door opener released locally is to conform to the former. Yet again it was updated three years later to include the requirement of an optical sensor or door edge sensor or its equivalent as an added safety device. This act does not push the public to purchase garage door models. But if you have those models and they break down, the buyers will not be able to get replacement for the parts. That is the time they will have no choice but to get safer and more modern designs. Other than supporting firmer laws, the garage door opener business also pioneered a consumer awareness safety crusade. To ascertain that both the garage door and opener are in perfect condition, not to mention safe and easy to use, they should be monthly tested. Allowing the dirt to accumulate and the problems to persist may end in greater trauma. If you are not careful and you allow kids to play with the garage door opener controls, you are inviting danger that can end with tragic consequences. Being a little careful will not hurt and in fact will keep you and your family and friend safe. The harm it brings with it is no joke and it could lead to something a serious as death. Children should be off limits to the transmitters and wall controls. The height of the push button wall should be 5 feet and above. All moving parts should be far from it and so with the hands of children. Install and control the button from a spot where the closing garage door is witnessed. Meet your children regarding the safe usage of the garage door. Wait for the door to be completely shut before looking away. An open garage door should never be a playground for kids. Do not allow them to run under a closing door. Position a 2x4 object lying under the garage door. A door ready to close should cease and open instead. If you cannot fully do this, be ready to have your equipment repaired, adjusted or replaced.
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