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authentec company update: still a buy

by:LSDD     2019-12-16
Com buy recommended AuthenTec (Nasdaq: AUTH)
There have been a number of recent events that I would like to introduce to you to further consolidate their position as a fingerprint biometrics company. -
Read my initial full company report about AuthenTec.
I would like to introduce you to 5 key messages: AuthenTec has just completed a series of demos for the investment community around the last month.
I invite you to listen to any of them to get a better understanding of the company and the management team and to get an idea of where the company is going.
You have access to all 3 presentations (
UBS Global Technology and Services Conference, Lehman Brothers Global Technology Conference, Raymond James and Associates annual IT supply chain investor conference)
, Click on the link below: on November 14, AuthenTec shipped their 25 million sensors.
While 25 million fingerprint sensors are a lot of sensors, it\'s not the quantity that matters, it\'s the speed at which their business develops.
Over the past 16 months, AuthenTec has shipped more than 15 million sensors, compared with 10 million since the company was founded in 1998.
Can you say an accelerated business trend?
If you see or use a mobile phone or laptop with a fingerprint sensor, it is very likely that it was made by AuthenTec.
Then the next question becomes: If AuthenTec has shipped so many fingerprint sensors, is their market not saturated? Not even close!
The overall market size for PC and mobile phones has reached billions of dollars, excluding peripherals, home security and other markets (
As described below)
This is just beginning.
This is the bottom layer of a unique, fast-growing business that, with more and more businesses, will become commonplace in the coming years, not to mention those who want to protect sensitive data, these fingerprint sensors will begin to be relied on to protect their valuable information from theft.
Theft of personal navigation equipment [PND]
Is rising.
In fact, some countries in Europe and the United StatesS.
According to city reports, GPS devices are the most common stolen items in cars today.
These thefts or attempted thefts occur in broad daylight, even when the owner of the PND hides it in a glove box or carries it with him!
Thieves are aware of small suction cup stains on Windows, or other evidence that there may be navigation equipment in the car.
They then sell these devices on Ebay, Craigslist, flea market or other channels because they are of high resale value and high demand.
To help combat this, Medion created the world\'s first PND of a fingerprint sensor made using AuthenTec, so that if the device is stolen, it will not work for anyone else except the original owner, thus making it useless and preventing the device from being stolen!
Now, I hear some of you silently asking in your mind, \"but how does a thief know they can\'t resell this GPS-enabled PND? \"Good question.
The original answer was that they wouldn\'t.
But just like you see those little ADT stickers in people\'s homes, let the thieves know before they try to break into the house and be monitored, if widely adopted, the same is true of these devices.
The news will spread, the thieves will let them go, anyone with a person can simply leave it on the regular site because they know it\'s all for anyone without their exact fingerprints
The wave of the future is coming to us.
Your child no longer has to go to school with keys that may be lost, or will fumble for passwords, or other places where it is not convenient to enter their own house.
Now, just slide your fingers.
The Master Lock smartTouch garage door opener developed by BioMETRX using AuthenTec\'s fingerprint sensor is the world\'s first universal finger
Start the garage door opener and replace the traditional keyboard and key with advanced fingers
Activate technology.
Just swipe your finger gently to open/close the garage door, which provides a more convenient option for carrying the key or remembering the pin code.
When you\'re in the car, it doesn\'t help much if someone steals your garage door opener, but for those who use the garage door as the front door, this is a great help not wanting to fumble in key fobs, entering pin codes or losing keys.
SmartTouch GDO is for sale as the main Lock smartTOUCH GDO and retails for $97.
00, can be purchased in the National Home Depot store.
When I visited the BioMETRX website, GDO was priced at $129.
95, it\'s strange considering that they sell through Home Depot for $30 cheaper.
I don\'t think they want to compete with their biggest retail customers.
On December 13, AuthenTec announced the winners of hundreds of app creative contests using the AuthenTec Award --
Award winning fingerprint sensor
The 25 winning ideas were selected by a team of tech enthusiasts and are now posted on the competition website www. 25Mandcounting. com.
Big Creative Awards, new licensing-
The enabled laptop will be awarded to Edwin Martin in the UK, as he proposes to have an AuthenTec sensor built into the lockable diary, which can only be opened by the owner.
Now, usually this type of thing won\'t get my attention, because it\'s the obvious strategy that AuthenTec has taken to get some free publicity and have others give them ideas on how to use fingerprint technology, but what really makes me think is that there are many possibilities that we haven\'t thought of or haven\'t become a reality yet.
Here is a partial list of some ideas submitted to AuthenTec for consideration: I don\'t know about you, but some of them sound cool to me.
Imagine, through the manufacturing and business expansion of AuthenTec, what people will also come up with for the use of fingerprint technology, the real legal use, which is now getting cheaper and cheaper.
Although I can\'t see the future, I can tell you that technology will become an increasingly important part of our lives, whether we like it or not, good or bad.
Why not embrace one aspect of technology, security, which is directly linked to our daily lives, and ride this wave while satisfying mass production, mass acceptance and scalability, this will enable it to be used in most consumer goods that require additional security levels and sensitivity for protection, privacy or convenience.
AuthenTec continues to show that the boom and rapid expansion of PC and mobile phones is not only at the heart of their core business, but also at the heart of other businesses. yet-
Unknown or untapped markets are waiting to add value to their business and continue to drive AuthenTec to become a mainstream technology company.
My original purchase paper was as powerful as ever.
Disclosure: The author is long AUTH.
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