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Apart from allowing you access to your car port

by:LSDD     2020-05-26
Safety reversal: While your door is meant to protect your car or your home from unwanted intruders, it should also be safe enough for those who live with you. This is why modern garage door are made with safety reversal mechanisms with sensors placed on the sides of the door. This is a feature that will sense when a pet or a child passes through it as it is closing and forces it to stop and reverse immediately such that there are no unwanted injuries. It is time for you to replace the garage door if it lacks this feature or it is no longer functioning. Noisy door: You need to consider replacing your garage-door if everyone in the neighborhood knows when you want to leave because of the noise it makes. This is especially true with the old fashioned garage-doors that were made with a chain drive for opening and closing. If up to this day you garage door has something that resembles a bicycle chain next to the motor unit, it is time you considered replacing the entire garage door with a modern quieter model. Security: If you are concerned that anyone else can access it without your knowledge or consent because it uses the old fixed codes that any clever thug could find by doing a few guesses, it is time to consider replacing the garage door. There are newer garage doors nowadays that are equipped with modern security features such as the rolling code that will alter the security code automatically every single time you use it. This means that no thug will be able to duplicate your security code to gain access to your car port. No keypads: If you have a garage door that does not have a keypad mounted outside it so you can enter the code required to access the garage without the need of keys, it is time you replaced the garage door with a newer version. Nowadays there are newer versions that don't even require a code because they can even detect your finger prints so as to allow access. Battery backup: You don't want to leave your home because there is a power outage and the carport is not accessible since the garage door will not open without power. Newer garage doors today are equipped with a battery backup system that will take over immediately there is a power outage making sure you can still come in and leave at will.
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