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A garage door can make a difference in energy

by:LSDD     2020-06-06
Those findings come in relation to a Martin garage door contributed to a solar home project in Holladay, Utah. Ned Hart, marketing director for TerraSun Energy, provided initial test data on the home conversion and said the data shows the new door is making a difference. The findings include the following details and data: Test data and measurements are constantly being taken. Hart was eager to note that the thermal images of the home showed the concrete was radiating more heat than the garage door. Before the project began, the home's gas and electric bills for January 2009 alone totaled $460. The goal for the home is '0' monthly gas and electric utility bills. Various measures are being taken to accomplish this. For example, during the day the surplus electricity generated by the solar panels actually backs up the meter. At night, the meter moves forward as electricity is consumed form the landline. Updates to the home include the insulated Martin Garage Door, Martin DC3700e-o opener; energy efficient heat pumps, a biomass boiler, solar electric and hot water panels, extra insulation, tree management (shading solar panels) new roof shingles, etc.
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