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1. suitable for indoor use of the environment,

by:LSDD     2020-06-01
2. user-friendly design, there are two gates for security pinch middle infrared devices used to access real-time detection of common human state, when people stay in the channel, not completely through, the gates will not close, so that folder to avoid injury of personnel, protection of the safe passage of personnel. 3. clutch brake system with dual power institutions, the two sub-gates at the top of the clutch, the link blocking material, and side cover internal link click, you can achieve things and click on the block effective brake to protect the motor and mechanical drive institutions, thus ensuring stable and reliable operation of gates. 4. easy to install, install gates, just to ensure the formation of the ground or mounting surface, embedded screws and simple cabling, users can easily use it, simple and quick. 5. the channel width of 650mm-1200mm, according to different places different requirements on the channel width, choose the right product specifications to better meet user needs, there is such a large range of width options, and other similar products is second to none, this It is also popular in the market the reason why. 6. the logic module using anti-trailing design, gates were equipped with six pairs of infrared detection device to distinguish in the upper and middle gates, can accurately detect the number of persons legally authorized by, when trailing by unauthorized personnel want time, gate machine will automatically alarm, thereby limiting the end with the passage. Chinentech auto door limited is one of leading manufacturer, Company in China, who professionally inautomatic door opener system, automatic door opener, automatic door operator. Such as automatic sliding door, automatic swing door etc.
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